Why do I love the things that I do?

Well, I love the things that I do because people who love me (Like my family) have opened these things to me. I’ve learned to trust them even with my trust issues because they’ve never done anything to make me not trust them. Like, the reason why I love the snow because I lived there with my parents who are family (Obliviously). I love cows because my aunt gave me a stuffed one when I was just a little baby. I love doughnuts because my favorite cousin gave me one when I was just a couple months old. There’s also some things that my friends have showed me, or school. Like art, I love it. My family didn’t open that up for me, it was my preschool. And the fact that I all my old friends were doing it. Even poems, I started to like that this year. I just love every type of poem, and everything about poetry. What are somethings that you love? Why do you love it?

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