2nd-5th graders!

Today my class and I went to the near by elementary, we only did it with the 2nd to 5th graders, school and we helped then out with some really fun activities for Cinco De Mayo. Like soccer, dancing, fun parachute games, balero making, bark painting, Mexican mirror, god’s eye, tissue flowers, yarn painting and many more. My partner and I were in charge of the Maracas. What we did for that was we got plastic eggs,we got rice and beans, and then we had spoons. We put rice and beans in the eggs (not too much because then you could hears them) then you would get 2 spoons and put them on the outsideĀ  of the egg, finally you would tape them with duck tape. After we ran out of tape we where done and we wondered around. I had so much fun and I wish we could do it again!

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