My school family (Simplified)

So I have a school family that I love, obviously or else they wouldn’t be in my school family. My name is Patricia, my deyad’s name is Oof, my sister’s name is Ashley Poop Fart, and I don’t know what my mom’s name is yet. We hang out together almost every lunch. Patricia is 5, Ashley Poop Fart is 3, mommy is 32, and deyad is well I don’t know how old my dad is. They also all have a blog! That is the real people, not our characters, because at the end of the day our characters are just in our heads. It doesn’t just make us silly, it brings us together. The highlight of my day is when I see them and they’re all happy, and sometimes we do kinda seem like a big happy family.

My Love for Art!

I love so many things about art, and I also like different types of art. I like to draw, and paint, and I really like to do pottery too. I usually draw how I feel, when I’m happy I’ll notice I’ll usually draw my friends and other things that make me happy. Then when I’m depressed¬† I draw me alone in a dark corner when i’s raining. When I’m mad I draw my little cousin, she’s only 11 months younger but I’m still older. But when I paint, I use the colors I want and then just do what I want to do.¬† No matter what happens, I’ll always love art.